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Café Restaurant Amsterdam (Cradam) – Whatever the occasion

by Thijs | Oh Twenty   ·  4 years ago  

The only place that can proudly hold the name ‘Café Restaurant Amsterdam’. Hidden in an old machine building behind Westerpark, this place truly is the shared living room of Amsterdam.

Oh, Cream. I love bringing first-timers here. You cross the street from her Westerpark, onto a small square with a big water tower, and when you enter the old machine building, swing open the doors, and there you have it. The living room of Amsterdam. Conveniently named Café Restaurant Amsterdam (Cradam for locals and regulars.)

Never have I not had any guests who who’s breath was taken away the first time they entered this building. The funny thing is tho, that that’s not the reason why people return for a second (third, fourth fifth…) visit. It’s the laidback vibe and the big, simple yet great menu.

Steak frites, oysters, Holtkamp croquettes and pie, homemade sticky toffee cake, complimentary french fries and salad.. This menu screams ‘fun’. Wether you’re here to celebrate your birthday with a group of friends (they usually have a menu for ‘groups over 35 people’, just saying), or you just don’t feel like cooking today.

Café Restaurant Amsterdam

My favorite moment to come is an early Saturday afternoon. Start off with a cappuccino and Volkskrant Magazine, then move to a table for some oysters and white wine. It wouldn’t be the first time that my party and I decided to stay for dinner as well.

Café Restaurant Amsterdam (Cradam)
Watertorenplein 6
1051 PA Amsterdam

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