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Patisserie Holtkamp

by Thijs | Oh Twenty   ·  12 months ago  

Could this be Amsterdam’s best patisserie? I would argue it is. Founded in 1969 by Cees Holtkamp (a living legend) and his wife Petra. The couple host their patisserie/bakery in a tiny yet beautiful art deco style building on the Vijzelgracht. The interior hasn’t changed since 1928 and that’s great news.

Where do you go to Amsterdam for the best pie? Everybody loves Patisserie Holtkamp. Young & old line up at Holtkamp’s beautiful shop on Saturday for the best pastries and pies.

Holtkamp Amsterdam’s best kept secret

You go to Holtkamp for their amazing pies and cookies. Some of my favorites include the best apple pie, lemon meringue pie, and (my personal favorite) champagne white chocolate raspberry pie. But there’s another thing they sell that you don’t see in their displays. You can also order their famous croquetten. Their veal, cheese, and shrimp(!) are croquettes at their best. They’re not visible in the store. But you can order them at the counter, which they’ll prepare / deep-fry in their cellar kitchen. When it’s ready, you’ll hear a bell when the manual food elevator brings you your kroket.

I also recently found out that they also have their own bitterballen! If you are in a bar and they have Holtkamp pie or bitterballen on the menu (like at the temporary Carré terras), make sure to order them. You won’t be disappointed. Patisserie Holtkamp is the place to get the best pie in Amsterdam for sure.

Want to know more about Cees Holtkamp and make your own pies and croquetten at home? Go check out his cookbook on Looking for other must-visits in Amsterdam? Find them on our Home Page.

Vijzelgracht 15
1017 HM Amsterdam

💡 Cees Holtkamp also published a huge cookbook including the recipe to his famous croquetten (in Dutch). A must-have for all Dutch snackers. Get it on

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