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Cannibale Royale – Next level Red Light District burgers

by Thijs | Oh Twenty   ·  4 years ago  

So you ended up in the Red Light District. It happens to the best of us. Chances are your you’re craving a beer and a great burger. I got you.

Canibale Royale

If you were planning to go fine-dining tonight, you probably wouldn’t go to the Red Light District. You’re here to have fun, a beer or 2 (3,4,5,…) and now you’re hungry. This entertainment area is full of terrible tourist traps. Cannibale Royale is not one of them.

Canibale Royale

Locals go here with colleagues, groups of friends or dates. Anything goes. Some say that they have the best spareribs in town. Others come for the burgers. Whatever you do, make sure to order some sides here. Like their sweet potato fries, watermelon salad or mac ‘n cheese.

There are vegetarian options too, like their Le Impossible burger, or the Le Fantastique burger. Those are really good too. I wouldn’t suggest going here with a group of vegans though, because even though their veggy options are good. Meat really plays the main part at Canibale Royale.

Canibale Royale

Better skip this place if you’re on a diet, vegan (or both). Unless you feel like today is cheat day. A reservation is recommended. Do usually have a place for walk-ins, but prepare to wait for some time. No more room at Lange Niezel? They have 4 other restaurants throughout the city. For more information related to Restaurants, visit our Home Page.

Cannibale Royale
Lange Niezel 15
1012 GS, Amsterdam

🍔 Want to make epic Cannibale Royale style burgers at home? My favorite recipe comes from Matty Matheson’s cookbook. Get it on Amazon or .

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