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Jacobsz – For a special evening in Amsterdam Oost

by Thijs | Oh Twenty   ·  3 years ago  

One of the finer places to dine in Amsterdam Oost. When a popup restaurant on the Keizersgracht closed their doors, the chefs opened their new restaurant in a monumental building where they now serve a set menu.

Jacobsz is one of my favorite restaurants in Amsterdam Oost since they opened in 2016. It’s one of those places where you go when you want to be surprised. When the only plans that you made for that evening are visiting the restaurant, sit down on your chair, and then let the waiters take over.

Restaurant Jacobsz in Amsterdam Oost

The restaurant is situated at the beautiful Ringdijk. A street in de Watergraafsmeer area where I hope to be able to afford a house one day. Jacobsz Restaurant is in a huge monumental building which they styled to perfection. Warm colors like yellow dominate the ground floor. Upstairs its more old wood, combined with modern design.

All of this, is Jacobsz.

Jacobsz is the restaurant founded by Adriaan Verkerk and Rick Swinkels. before opening Jacobsz, they hosted a pop up restaurant called staets, in a just as impressive building on the Keizersgracht called Felix Meritis.

Set menu

At Jacobsz the chef prepares a set menu. You pick the amount of courses that you’d like (4, 5 or 6), explain your diet wishes and allergies. And then; you let go. Previous on the menu were dishes like Ponzu Crémeux, Juice of Granny Smith and Celery, Pickled Apple, Verveine Merengue, Iberico Presa, Onion, Apricot & Licorice… It’s hard to pick a favorite.

Perfect for a date night where you don’t want to spend too much time looking at a menu. Highly recommended if you want to try something new and sophisticated. One of the best places in Oost to get a good glass of wine. Jacobsz does it all.

And if the restaurant doesn’t do it for you, sneak out during your bathroom break to check out their other rooms. Because upstairs, they’re hiding a whisk(e)y bar and cigar lounge. Ask to have your coffee and digestif there.

Jacobsz truly one of those places where you go when you want to be surprised. They don’t like surprises though, so reservations through their website are encouraged.

Ringdijk 1
1097 AA, Amsterdam

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